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To Fairy cottage in the forest of Dean! We hope you find everything you need on this website, be sure to check out the blog which we regularly update with things to do in the ross-on-wye area. There are many holiday rentals in the wye valley so we're glad you've chosen to visit ours!

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Our Story

Meet Caitlin, Alex, and their family – a team of adventure-seekers who fell in love with the enchanting landscapes of the Wye Valley after going there on holiday, 10 years ago. 🌄 Now, with three kids and three rescue-cats in tow, their journey has been nothing short of magical.

Amid the global pandemic, Caitlin and Alex embarked on a house-hunting quest under masks and social distancing. Amidst uncertainty, they found clarity: why not turn their cherished holiday memories into their everyday reality? 🌟 Thus, began their quest to find the perfect haven, nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Forest of Dean.

After agreeing not to view "dooer-uppers", their search led them to a hidden gem, a quaint old house embraced by a majestic 650-year-old oak tree. ✨ It was love at first sight!

Now, after a few years of blissful village life, Caitlin and Alex are thrilled to extend a heartfelt invitation to fellow wanderers and nature lovers. 🌳 Their home, a cherished retreat for their own family, is now open for you to create your own memories amidst the serene beauty of Ross-on-Wye and beyond.

Come, escape the ordinary, and discover the extraordinary Forest of Dean holidays! 🍃

Alex and Caitlin Wilkinson
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